Atmozfears – The Final Mission (Q-BASE 2018 Anthem) (Q185) WEB 2018

Artist: Atmozfears
Title: The Final Mission (Q-BASE 2018 Anthem)
Label: Q-Dance Records
Catalog #: Q185
Release Date: 20.08.2018
Tracks: 02
Length: 08:23 Min
Quality: 320 Kbps
Source: WEB
Pack Size: 20.93 MB
Cover: Yes
*.m3u: Yes
*.nfo: Yes
*.sfv: Yes
*.cue: No

01. Atmozfears – The Final Mission (Q-BASE 2018 Anthem) (Pro Mix) [04:24]
02. Atmozfears – The Final Mission (Q-BASE 2018 Anthem) (Edit) [03:59]

cover 00_atmozfears_-_the_final_mission_(q-base_2018_anthem)-(q185)-web-2018.jpg
m3u 00_atmozfears_-_the_final_mission_(q-base_2018_anthem)-(q185)-web-2018.m3u
nfo 00_atmozfears_-_the_final_mission_(q-base_2018_anthem)-(q185)-web-2018.nfo
sfv 00_atmozfears_-_the_final_mission_(q-base_2018_anthem)-(q185)-web-2018.sfv
mp3 01_atmozfears_-_the_final_mission_(q-base_2018_anthem)_(pro_mix).mp3
mp3 02_atmozfears_-_the_final_mission_(q-base_2018_anthem)_(edit).mp3

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  1. Sajmon ŚLIWIŃSKI

    4 years ago


  2. Arya

    4 years ago

    can you upload blah blah brennan heart & toneshifterz, also dj zany remix plz??

  3. Alexis

    4 years ago

    can you upload wasted penguinz & adrenalyze – this is the one and Zatox – Hero??

  4. Kevin

    4 years ago

    Suban Radical Redemption Brutal 7.0

  5. Robert

    4 years ago

    what is the difference between pro_mix and edit?

    • Hard Recordz

      4 years ago

      Radio Edit skips the intro/outro and directly goes to the main part of the song. Original Mix/Extended Mix/Pro Mix are basically the complete version of the song and better for mixing.