Tha KroniK – Master Of Southkoor: Chapter One (MOK174) WEB 2017

Artist: Tha KroniK
Title: Master Of Southkoor: Chapter One
Label: Mokum Records
Catalog #: MOK174
Release Date: 30.03.2017
Rip Date: 30.03.2017
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Tracks: 16
CDs: 1
Lenght: 01:13:10
Quality: 320 Kbps
Cover: Yes
*.m3u: Yes
*.nfo: Yes
*.sfv: Yes
*.cue: No

01. Tha KroniK – That’s The Way (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:31]
02. Tha KroniK – Bombweed (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [05:46]
03. Tha KroniK – Victim Of The Music (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:36]
04. Tha KroniK – Choose Your Destiny (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [05:05]
05. Tha KroniK – The Grim Reaper (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [03:36]
06. Tha KroniK – No, Fuck U ! (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:56]
07. Tha KroniK – The Moon Into The Middle Of The Sea (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [03:33]
08. Tha KroniK – Dirty MF’s South (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:48]
09. Tha KroniK – C.I.G.A.R. (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [03:36]
10. Tha KroniK – Mad (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:28]
11. Tha KroniK – Weed_Cocaine (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:43]
12. Tha KroniK – The Beat Goes Boom (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [05:14]
13. Tha KroniK – Lost In Space (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:30]
14. Tha KroniK – Party People (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:42]
15. Tha KroniK – Summertime Madness (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:40]
16. Tha KroniK – Assassino (Master Of Southkoor Remastered) [04:25]

cover 00_tha_kronik_-_master_of_southkoor_chapter_one-(mok174)-web-2017.jpg
nfo 00_tha_kronik_-_master_of_southkoor_chapter_one-(mok174)-web-2017.nfo
sfv 00_tha_kronik_-_master_of_southkoor_chapter_one-(mok174)-web-2017.sfv
m3u 00_tha_kronik_-_master_of_southkoor_chapter_one-(mok174)-web-2017.m3u
mp3 01_tha_kronik_-_thats_the_way_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 02_tha_kronik_-_bombweed_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 03_tha_kronik_-_victim_of_the_music_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 04_tha_kronik_-_choose_your_destiny_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 05_tha_kronik_-_the_grim_reaper_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 06_tha_kronik_-_no_fuck_u_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 07_tha_kronik_-_the_moon_into_the_middle_of_the_sea_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 08_tha_kronik_-_dirty_mfs_south_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 09_tha_kronik_-_c.i.g.a.r._(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 10_tha_kronik_-_mad_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 11_tha_kronik_-_weed_cocaine_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 12_tha_kronik_-_the_beat_goes_boom_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 13_tha_kronik_-_lost_in_space_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 14_tha_kronik_-_party_people_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 15_tha_kronik_-_summertime_madness_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3
mp3 16_tha_kronik_-_assassino_(master_of_southkoor_remastered).mp3

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